Say Psych: Album Review: Father Sky Mother Earth – Father Sky Mother Earth

German drone duo Father Sky Mother Earth have previously released only two records since 2016. That is set to change with the release of the re-recorded offering through Dirty Filthy Records on limited edition white vinyl and download on 27th April.

When asked about the release, the duo said “after the feedback on our first digital and self-produced cassette release we want to give something back to you who have followed us for some time now. Our earliest steps were rough in recording, but we hope to bring something new to the table with this new re-recorded and re-arranged version. Thanks to our friends and families. And thanks to Dirty Filthy Records for releasing drone music.”

The two tracks which were re-recorded between November and December last year, are for fans of long drones with hard hitting drum rhythms and post rock tendencies. They are not for the faint hearted but that makes their genius all the more inviting.


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