Track: Exit Kid – Classic Lie

Tristan Bejawn

London-based neo-grunge duo Exit Kid have given a glimpse of their debut LP with new track ‘Classic Lie’. Having initially made a name for themselves with a string of frenetic fuzzed-out releases, including their ‘Basis’ (2022) and ‘Garden’ (2021) EPs, the group have firmly leant on the most exhilarating elements of 90s alternative rock, yet their forthcoming material reveals a much softer side, showcasing an array of introspective jams.

Speaking ahead of their single’s arrival, Türkmen added:

“The song is about the lies we tell ourselves and the bubbles we live in as we are increasingly divorced from reality. The truth is not online”.

A softer indie track from these guys that brightens up on the chorus over the heartbeat steady rhythm of the drums and sugary pop synths. Türkmen’s vocals are honey sweet to counter the gritty burst of guitar. A charming track to herald an album that feels very much needed in todays musical climes.

Check it out, here

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Read our interview with Exit kid here

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  1. July 15, 2023

    Just lovely. Thank you

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