Meet: 2UGLi interview, and watch his new video “YUK”

Sacramento rapper and Johnny23 associate 2UGLi has released a new Charles “Chips Clips” Sandoval-directed music video for “YUK!”, the DJ-Reef produced new single from his latest album, Poor Quality 2. The song, according to 2UGLi is about “This track is expressing how I feel about the culture, my friends, my family & my life from young to recent. The same people who said I wouldn’t amount to s–t, hoped the worst for me and did everything in their power to ruin me are now the ones saying, ‘I knew you would do it!’From being disgusted by my own reflection to staring death in his face multiple times… Here’s what I got to say.”

Over the top of this tumbling piano figure, 2UGLi calls out his rivals, but does so with the power of flow and intuitive rhyming. He has a confidence about his game, and a listenable approach. Check out the video, here

We spoke to the man to find out a little more.

I am 2UGLi “4 Hollywood”, the Chula Vista Tyrant, Palm Ave Bastard, El Tijuanero Feo…. Yeah that’s me.

I make music that Express me in the rawest form….

The records that got me into music/hip-hop were Wow!… Too many to list… But I will say early 90’s shit, From Cypress Hill to Wu Tang. If Premier touched it, if Nas spoke truth, if Dr. Dre drums hit & KRS dropped knowledge… It influenced me. Believe it or not, one of my favorite artists of all time is Mystikal … yeah Micheal Tyler… Prince of the South, the Guillotine! Lots of ODB! & Redman…..

The best hip-hop record of all time is Too many! But if I had to pick, it’s a tie between Wu-Tang Clan’s The Swarm, Cappadonna’s The Pillage, The Arsonists’ Date Of Birth & KRS-One’s I Got Next.

I started rhyming I started in 1993, in middle school. I got schooled by my dad’s homey’s little brother who was just a few years older then me. But I started taking it serious in high school when my homey Jamar Alston let it be known that it’s ok to be in the culture and not be a brother (black). He told me that the black culture isn’t just black.. It’s expressed and was started by brothers, but was an expression from minorities going through the struggle. I was homeless, poor and wasted my nights painting on walls, so Hip Hop was an outlet for me and music was an expression that relieved my stress.

The things that influence my rhymes are Life. I’ve been homeless about 70% of my life, so that has been my influence.

I wanted to sound like myself. I wanted to be an individual. But people tell me I sound or remind them of Jedi Mind Tricks, Necro & Cynic of Psycho Realm.

My first public appearance was Years ago with my crew, Apes In English. We performed at some showcase to win a record deal. Apparently we weren’t radio-friendly.

Since then I have three solo projects and three group projects out. I’ve been featured on numerous albums but my proudest have been Johnny23 Records’ Riot Renaissance, Snowgoons’ Black Snow 2, LoDeck’s Fresh Boris of Bensonhurst, Episode 2, and The Society of Invisibles’ Rare Cuts Vol 1, 2 & 3.

I work by I don’t write my verses. Believe it or not, 80% of the joints I record are all memorized in my head, unless I write on the spot in the studio doing a feature or working with somebody & vibe. But most times I think of rhymes throughout the day. I finish a verse in about two days tops.

My new record is Poor Quality ll.

Lyrically, its about Life, the culture, ups and downs. Emotional.

On the record I’ve worked with Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan, Diabolic, Chief Kamachi, Pace Won, Johnny23 Virus Crew, C Rayz Walz, Lex Starwind of LCOB, Snowgoons, Blockhead… It’s a fresh line-up.

The messages in my rhymes are No message unless I have beef with you. Just raw lyricism and life, real stories. Explaining that I am hip hop.

In the future I want to Do festivals. Record with Mystikal, Redman, Cyoress Hill or Psycho Realm. Not email a verse like most artists do but get in the studio with them.

I’d love to work with Mystikal, B-Real, Redman, RZA, KRS-One, M.O.P., Jadakiss, Sick Jacken.

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