Track: The Paranoyds – Hungry Sam/Trade Our Sins.

I’ll admit that in my old age I am still a sucker for a synth or an organ in music. Luckily for me, I’ve been introduced to The Paranoyds, a California based four piece who by their own volition have kept a low profile on social media.

Their press reads that they “eschew societal norms” – it’s sad to think that we are at a point where social media is a societal norm. To build a following that circumvents most social media platforms is something that should be applauded and I’ll agree with the band that it is quite punk.

Give the fact the band have played support for a who’s who of sonic mavericks including DIIV, Albert Hammond Jr, Sunflower Bean and an upcoming tour with Tacocat, perhaps Facebook gratification isn’t the be all/end all.

Where the group have relented in an online presence is the release of a number of tracks through their Bandcamp and grown.

Despite the fact that the band have a digital back catalogue under their wing, the group have recently signed to small Seattle label Suicide Squeeze (whose principles are incredible, looking at their “about” section), who have decided to give “Hungry Sam” and “Trade Our Sins” a physical outing on 7″ vinyl.

“Hungry Sam” was released last month however the band have just dropped their B-Side, “Trade Our Sins”, on Soundcloud earlier this week. A little dreamier than the A-Side, “Trade Our Sins” reminded me a lot of Best Coast, who themselves had a penchant for the hazier side of slacker-pop.

Annoyingly it also has a whistled outro that will get stuck in your head. But isn’t that frustratingly good with many bands? The ability to get into your head and just cycle through until everyone else starts whistling the same coda?

I’m very much into seeing what The Paranoyds do with their set of principles as a band alongside the fundamentals of Suicide Squeeze. I’m a fan already and 2019 could be the start of something bigger for the band. That is, of course, if they want to.

Hungry Sam/Trade Our Sins is released June 17th on vinyl and is available now digitally.


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