SEE: Niklas Paschburg feat. Ex Mykah – ‘Cyan’: a lush meshing of two worlds

Niklas Paschburg

NIKLAS PASCHBURG is a modern compositional pianist and composer who’s released two rather fine albums for 7K!, K7!’s mirror-image boutique ambient label, namely Oceanic and Svalbard.

He’s now opening the doors to his piano work for outside interpretation, and in combination with Ex Mykah, the avant-pop project guise of Colombian-Cuban American artist Bryan Senti, he’s just released the luscious “Cyan”, in which that autumnal piano precision meets crisp breaks and lyricism; take a listen below.

The original version comes from last from last year’s album, Svalbard, and Ex Mykah brings a flow both inspired by, and in homage, to the memory of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the victims of police violence in the US.

It’s a potent cultural melding that opens new directions for both artists, and follows the lush ambient pop collaboration between Niklas and British singer Millie Turner on “Bathing In Blue”, from November gone.

Ex Mykah says: “I was asked to rework ‘Cyan’ in the middle of the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd uprisings in the States. It was among the lowest moments in one of the worst years and the lyrics came immediately.

“I wanted to use ‘Cyan’ as an opportunity to honor them.” 

Follow Niklas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and Ex Mykah likewise on Facebook.

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