Track: Niklas Paschburg pops the bubbly on a twin single drop: hear ‘Wing Rowing (K08)’

Niklas Paschburg, photographed by Felix Beers 

HAMBURG aesthete and composer Niklas Paschburg, who came into this year on the back of remixed single drops such as “Cyan” and “Little Orc”, in which the flow of his modern compositional piano styles were opened out in electronica by the likes of Mykah and Uele Lamore, is stepping out of AD 2021 in a whole different collaborative way: he’s just released a two-track single in cahoots with Krug, the world-renowned champagne maison.

The brace of tracks resulted from a sojourn in Reims, north-eastern France, the cradle of champagne production; while there he visited the vineyards, cellars, and countryside of the Champagne-Ardenne, and most of all, he listened.

And whereas “Nictitating Membrane (GC164)” is a grand thing, in which Niklas’ melodicism phases and fuses with a rolling breaks, we kinda thought the flip, “Wing Rowing (K08)” was the perfect tonic for a weekend morn; a riverine glimmer of glissando and pastoralism, evoking the terroir of champagne country.

Niklas Paschburg’s “Nictitating Membrane (GC164)” / “Wing Rowing (K08)” are out now digitally across streaming platforms from 7K! Records.

Connect with Niklas elsewhere online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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