Track: Rubber Oh – Little Demon

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs guitarist Sam Grant’s new band Rubber Oh, have shared their debut single ‘Little Demon’. The track will  be released as a limited edition coloured vinyl 7″, exclusively available via Bandcamp only. The 7″ goes on sale this Friday, the 3rd December on Rocket Recordings as part of the last Bandcamp Friday.

“It’s a reference to when you’re lying in bed and your thoughts sabotage you” – explains Grant of “Little Demon”. 

“It’s all meant to be this fixed loop – the lyrics, the riff, the drums – a constant repetition that keeps going round, maybe like a fever dream. The little demons that when you’re in bed suddenly start in your psyche, opening a door that just leads to another door.”  Wherever this door leads, “Little Demon” is a psychic journey to be returned to on repeat. 

Pulsating bass and vibrating vocals dominate this track and the huge statement drumming hammers home the hypnotic beat. The track is heavy and grinding with only the vocals to give it little bit of a lift made special with the mix of male and female vocals. The track is an exciting beginning for a new exciting band.

Check it out, here

Pre order the single here

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