Track: Niklas Paschburg – ‘Little Orc’ (Uele Lamore Remix): an impressionistic and cinematic retake

FOLLOWING on from the experimental pop of “Bathing In Blue”, in tandem with British vocalist Millie Turner last November, modern compositional pianist and composer Niklas Paschburg has once more offered a track up for reinterpretation and if required, reinvention; this time the creative baton being passed to Parisian composer and multi-instrumentalist Uele Lamore.

She’s taken on the track “Little Orc” from Niklas’ latest album for 7K!, !K7’s boutique ambient imprint, Svalbard; looped it and woven it into a filmic tapestry. Take a listen below. Blurry, classy, expansive; chill-tempo, ripe for immersing the head on a February afternoon.

It is, say !K7, “a seminal union between two of the pioneering young talents in the field of innovative and progressive instrumental music.” It’s certainly a lovely canvas. 

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