Track: Little Suspicions deliver a breath of fresh air with the assured single ‘Lime’

There is a cool and assured swagger to ‘Lime’, the new track by Little Suspicions, that gives it a bright and fresh vigour. The attendant element of theatricality – crooning vocals, a kind of sixties gloss to the thundering reverb-soaked guitars, sweeping strings and doo-wop backing vocals – gives this track an indelible sheen.

Of the track, the band says:

‘Limes’ follows the thoughts of the narrator’s nervousness while falling in love. It describes his experience of becoming hopelessly distracted when he thinks of his crushes’ green eyes, of which have become his Achilles heel.

It is arch and poised and a breath of fresh air – the verbal fluidity of The Arctic Monkeys riding on a Burt Bacharach magic carpet.

Little Suspicions have only been together for a year and are spread between London, Kent and Italy. On the basis of this track, very exciting things are ahead.

The single is out on 23 February 2021 and you can stream here.

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