Track: Drew Davies – The Bitter End

Drew Davies has shared his brand new single ‘The Bitter End’ a cinematic soundscape which echoes the likes of 80’s Bowie and the heavier side of Sisters of Mercy.

Drew states:

“If this album’s concept is the life cycle of a relationship then The Bitter End was my way of starting
at the end. I was listening to a lot of rock and roll when I wrote the song and wanted to combine the
fuzzed out drive of bands like QOTSA with the retro futurist vibe of artists like Cobra Man and Big
Black Delta; this isn’t a full return to the Headbangers Ball but I wanted to show I’d kept the tux in
the closet…”

A rock track that is drenched in an electronic vibe that hits at 100mph and dominated by Davies’ striking vocals. The verses sit as catapults to the surging chorus that just flings itself out the speakers in a glorified electric rock power hit. It’s instantly likeable and best enjoyed played loud.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Davies’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with Davies here

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