Track: Chloe Foy – ‘Left-Centred Weight’: luscious, hook-laden folk to welcome spring

Chloe Foy, photographed by Holly Whitaker

AS 2021 stretches and tentatively decides to dangle an experimental leg out of bed you, like me, will be looking round for the first buds and flowers of spring; new musical talent to get excited about, to bring us fresh, bright melodies.

Step forward clutching the butter yellow of early daffs please, Chloe Foy; this morning she’s released the pristine and folky “Left Centred Weight”, laden with hooks and spring freshness. Take a listen below.

Based in Manchester, the city God gave us on the seventh day, Chloe hails from Gloucestershire. A brace of gorgeous early single drops, the dreamy, almost Nordic chamber-folk beauty of “Flaws” and “Asylum”, earned her something like 8.5 million plays on Spotify.

Pretty soon, she was touring the UK and Europe with the lovely songstress Jesca Hoop, and she has appearances at SXSW, Green Man and Cambridge Folk Festival under her belt; she would’ve added Glastonbury to her campaign colours last year, but for … y’know. Last year’s Callous Copper EP set the seal on her talent. (You can still pick up that EP on vinyl over at her Bandcamp page).

Her first release of a (hopefully) brightening year, “Left Centred Weight” was a song Chloe first roughed out seven years or so back now; tweaked and polished, tweaked and polished, it’s finally ready for the light of day, with Chloe’s debut album also soon to be upon us.

“Left Centred Weight” is about existential thoughts prompted from understanding mortality at a young age – Chloe lost her dad to depression. A sad lyrical theme, then, embedded in folk-pop verdancy.

“It’s about feeling that everyone’s going to die, which comes about from having grieved once before. But ultimately coming to terms with it and making peace,” she explains.

It’s got hooks just about everywhere, pausing and surging, majestic strings, with the simplest yet most profound of hooks: “Go easy brain”. Something we could all do with telling ourselves in the overheating cortexes of right now. With this body of work already, that debut album should be a cracking thing.

Connect with Chloe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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