Premiere: Daniel God Damn Byrom releases new video for the lo-Fi beauty of ‘Apple Bobbing’

Following a compulsion to write songs, Wild Cat Strike frontman Daniel ‘God Damn’ Byrom borrowed a Tascam 8-track tape recorder, and recorded his new EP ‘Live from Dead Tuesday’s’, using an old Ampex mic, along with a host of second-hand instruments, including his beloved J. Busilacchio electric reef organ. It’s out on Small Pond on March 12th, and from it we’re delighted to be able to premiere the video for ‘Apple Bobbing’.

Of the track, Brighton singer-songwriter Daniel told us “Apple bobbing is about trying to pay off moral debts to get a good seat in the after life. I wanted the music to be quite simple, a straight forward song with the story being told in the verse, but I wanted the chorus to stand out abs to have a baseball commentators organ sound, like an announcement is being made, to make the chorus stand out more.”

Taking the lead for the likes of Daniel Johnston and Bright Eyes, Apple Bobbing has a beautiful stripped back nature to it. It’s fuzzy production just seems to make it more lovable, and Byrom manages to navigate this path with heartbreak on one side and hope on the other, just stumbling either side here and there. And if you can resist the melody, and that point where the organ enters, well you need to get your feels checked.

Of the accompanying video, Daniel told us “I wanted to make a single shot lyric video, both for ease and my lack of editing skills. It was recorded at my parents in autumn. They have apple trees so there was boxes full of apples in the kitchen. I thought but would be fun to write the lyrics on the apples, referencing the songs title. There are also lots of home made jams and marmalade’s that have the same labels on. The labels a very quaint so thought I’d write lyrics on them also. I think the simplicity of both the song and video recording go well together, they are kind of throw backs to a simpler time. In hindsight I think the ageing apples and jam preserves give a nice contrast to states of life. The apples were all later used to make pies and crumbles. No apples were harmed during the making of this video”.

Check it out, here

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