Track: Local Nomad – ‘Young Vampires’

If you go for Animal Collective synth swathes, the MGMT rhythmic bounce and an anthemic lift of A-ha proportions then ‘Local Nomad’ will be worth checking out. New York multi-instrumentalist Michael Desmond has drawn on the polish and shine of eighties influences in this new project that marks his stepping out as a solo artist after fronting ‘Gabriel the Marine’. The re-direction follows a period where hits in his personal life forced him to focus on what he describes as ‘wondering…wandering’ and the result is ‘Local Nomad’.

The first songs from this period will be released on the self- titled ‘Local Nomad’ EP on June 19th via the usual online launch pads. But before that you can catch a snatch of what is in store with the single ‘Young Vampires’ (available now), a neat three minute bundle of warm guitar and soulful vocal that glide into the rising waves of a classic synth-pop chorus. Local Nomad’s trick is not to bury the song, which traces a failing relationship, in a shimmering production exercise. Despite it’s orchestral scale the emotion bites hard.

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