See: Mass Worship release lyric video for Sibylline Divination.

Sweden’s extreme metal export Mass Worship release a lyric video for ‘Sibylline Divination’, taken from their debut album ‘Mass Worship’ via Century Media.

The band comments: “As the world comes to a sudden halt due to Covid-19, we are yet again reminded of the fragility of our ecosystem. As humans we try to understand, keep things under our control and detach ourselves from the natural order – but in reality we merely play a small role in the cosmic play of existence – desperately clinging on to our planet for dear life, while it is spinning in orbit around its master in a cosmic dance throughout the vast emptiness of space. The only constant is the unknown.”

A heavy gritty track which bangs heads and destroys speakers. The maelstrom of guitars and death call drums batter there way through carrying the shouted vocals sound as dark as any Scandinavian metal band can get.

Check it out, here.

The album Mass Worship is available to buy here

Find out more about the band on their Website or Facebook

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