Track: Eskobar – When Your Heroes Fall

There is no doubt that Sweden’s Eskobar have a genetic code that can be clinically traced back to the sounds of Manchester in the nineties – The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and even the rave culture. And with other bands like DMA’s forging the way in a completely original Mancunian-esque baggy revival, this is no bad thing.

In fact, Eskobar have created their own style – their new single ‘When Your Heroes Fall’ is an epic dream pop/psych-infused indie gem. It drives along with the speed of a runaway train, it evokes a sense of incessant movement, windows down in a car, the breeze in your face. And, importantly, it has the necessary dose of swagger and bravado necessary to pull it off with style. The accompanying video has all the psychedelic trappings and attitude you could desire:

If it was good enough last time round, it is just as good again now. I love this single – it is anthemic, danceable, shifting, rolling indie rock at its best with just enough of a nod to the dance floor and techno to be different and fresh.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Scandinavian indie rock from as far back as The Pushtwangers (anyone remember them?) to The Wannadies and The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Eskobar promise the delivery of another new wave.

The single comes from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Chapter 2’, of which the band says:

”A big part of it is a love letter to the 90’s uk brit/indie scene that
we all used to dance and party to back in the day mixed with subtle nods
on the production(done by the singer Daniel Bellqvist this time) side to
the hip-hop from the same era that we liked. This combo together with
our northern sensibilities makes up the sound that we in the band call
”Northie” which is short for ”Northern Indie”.”

You can download/stream ‘When Your Heroes Fall’ through all the usual sources. Eskobar are:

Vocals – Daniel Bellqvist

Guitars – Frederik Zäll

Drums – Jocke Brunnberg

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