Live Review: Pip Blom / Mt Misery – Independent, Sunderland 29.04.2022

Adam Littlemore

By Adam Littlemore

Misery as they first open up the night with their amazing music spinning Lo-fi romantic songs in their live performance with their ambient atmosphere sounds. This was the third time Mt. Misery have played at the Independent, and they are one of my favourite bands. I missed their set when they performed at Stockton calling festival earlier this month, but it was great to see their full live performance my favourite track from Mt. Misty was Taken by the Tide, had a great flow Mt. Misty ended their set with the crowd dancing to the last performance. Pip Blom was the last band to perform and they were granted a very warm welcome response from the crowd it was my first time hearing Pip Blom perform and they blow me away with their rhythm guitar like a pillow of brillo pads along with the heavy bass and riffs blowing you away and giving the crowd a great time with the music.

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