Live Review & Gallery: A Night of Metal Mayhem at Metro Theatre as Wednesday 13 Resurrects Murderdolls – 03.02.24, Eora/Sydney

Saturday night at the Metro Theatre in Eora/Sydney marked a triumphant return to the stage for Joseph Poole, better known as Wednesday 13. The iconic frontman and songwriter of Murderdolls, after a hiatus of well over a decade, brought back the twisted anthems from their dual album discography. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the crowd, donned entirely in black, eagerly anticipated the revival of Murderdolls’ legacy.

As the lights dimmed, foreshadowing the imminent arrival of the band, the crowd burst into chants of “Wednesday”, unmistakably showcasing their deep admiration and reverence for the iconic frontman. The night kicked off with the full set of Murderdolls songs, sending waves of nostalgia through the venue. The band featured familiar faces from Murderdolls’ past, with Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley joining Wednesday 13 on stage.

The setlist delved into Murderdolls’ 2002 debut album, ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls‘, unleashing a sonic assault that had the entire Metro Theatre pulsating with energy. The intensity was further fueled by selections from the triumphant 2010 return, ‘Women And Children Last‘. The crowd revelled in the journey through Murderdolls’ discography, embracing each song as a cherished relic from the past.

From the first note, it was evident that the show was a full-throttle hard rock experience. The air was thick with the scent of nostalgia, as fans threw up the sign of the horns, fingers in the air, screaming every word to the anthems that defined a generation. Mosh pits formed organically within the packed crowd, with bodies colliding in a frenzy of excitement.

Wednesday 13’s stage presence was nothing short of electrifying. Clad in his signature gothic attire, he commanded the stage with a ferocity that left no doubt about his prowess as a frontman. The showmanship was loud, fast, and aggressive, mirroring the essence of Murderdolls’ music. The Metro Theatre transformed into a cauldron of chaos, with every riff and drumbeat resonating through the venue.

In a heartfelt pause between songs, Wednesday 13 took a moment to express gratitude. He thanked the loyal fans who picked up a record back in the day when he was just 25, acknowledging the bond formed over the years. He also expressed gratitude to the newer generation, too young to witness the initial wave, but now picking up the records and keeping the legacy alive.

Wednesday 13’s show at the Metro Theatre was a testament to the timeless power of Murderdolls’ anthems. The crowd’s unwavering enthusiasm, coupled with the band’s explosive performance, created a night of mayhem that will be etched in the memories of fans for years to come. The resurrection of Murderdolls was not just a trip down memory lane but a reaffirmation of the genre-defying legacy forged by Wednesday 13 and his band. As the echoes of the Metro Theatre performance reverberate, fans can catch the ongoing Australian leg of the tour, with the band gearing up for an electrifying European stretch in the coming weeks. The saga of Murderdolls continues, leaving an indelible mark on stages worldwide.

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