Track: Queensland resident LT releases the dreamy pop anthem ‘Hold Ya’ and announces live dates.

Queensland artist LT (formerly Leanne Tennant) has just released an absolutely gorgeous track ‘Hold Ya’ which sparkles with a deep yearning and a celestial, anthemic chorus. LT’s vocals are an absolute delight – with a massive range and an endearing local diction. ‘Hold Ya’ is classic pop – indelible melodies and a dancing, insistent instrumentation with a shining lyrical romanticism – I’ll hold ya, I’ll hold ya, but do you, do you, do want to stay?

According to LT,

Hold Ya was written during a pretty turbulent time. It’s a story about two people in love, however through the struggles they’ve endured they begin to drift apart. Neither of them want to leave, but both of them are desperately seeking reassurance that the other wants them to in fact stay and it turns out they both do.

The accompanying video, directed by rising local filmmaker Chelsey Johnston, has a retro flicker to it – muted colours and muted fashions – and is utterly endearing with its depictions of carefree roller skating:

Chelsey had the beautiful idea of capturing moments of connection between people. Mothers and daughters, best friends and lovers all connecting in different ways.  She messed around with the speed of the track during the filming process, which really signified to me the changes of pace we all experience in any relationship.  Relationships change, move, disappear and re-invent themselves all the time and our life can be quite tough if we don’t allow them to do that.  Sometimes you’ve got to try harder, and sometimes you have to let go.  We chose to film at the Cairns Roller Skating Rink as it’s dear to the community and holds so many memories and stories of connection within its 1980s decor.

A perfect and charming accompaniment to a perfect pop song:

You can download/stream ‘Hold Ya’ here.

LT was born in the UK, raised in Papua New Guinea and is now based in far north Queensland resident. She recently rebranded from Leanne Tennant. After the release of her third studio album Happiness Is….. in the troubled year of 2020, Leanne had the space and time to reflect on her career to date – and where she wanted to head in 2021.  She explains:

I rarely ever get called by my full name, and I really felt that after such a complicated year it was time to simplify my life and go by the name most know me by and start 2021 with a fresh outlook. LT feels so right to me.

LT has announced shows at Bearded Lady (Brisbane) on April 17, Brother Jenkins (Cairns) on April 22 and will play the Sunshine Sounds Festival (Eumundi, QLD) on May 1 and 2.

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