See: Sydney’s The Electorate release dreamy, enigmatic video for ‘Lost At Sea’, off last year’s brilliant debut album

The Electorate‘s brilliant debut album ‘You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost’ was for me one of the highlights of 2020 (see my review here), and they’ve just released a video for the dynamic penultimate track ‘Lost At Sea’: a driving, thunderous piece of music that ebbs and flows like a spring tide.

Indeed the video, directed by audio/visual artist and musician Tim Bruniges, matches the aquatic themes of the song – watery visions that bubble and flow before the camera, changing colour, shape and texture to the rhythm. The simplicity of the vision serves to perfectly highlight the track itself – layers of vocals, a shifting pace, scything bass and enigmatic lyrics – are you lost at sea, pushing the blue and green, did your eyes catch the burning as we were returning?

This is a compelling track – imbued with emotion and with a cathartic blast:

It’s great to remind yourself of how epic and magnificent this debut album was on release – and still is. You can get the album through the link below. Go on, treat yourself if you haven’t already – it is Bandcamp Friday after all:

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