Premiere: Lewis Goldmark unveils the evocative and enigmatic video for the glorious single ‘Wild Night’.

We premiered the jangling pop perfection of Sydney crooner Lewis Goldmark‘s track ‘Wild Night’ back in November last year, and we are very pleased to unveil for you the new video for the track. Good things come for those who wait.

The track ‘Wild Night’ is a jangling delight with a shimmer and shine that is euphoric and celestial. Judson’s voice is a delight – deep and sonorous in parts, wild and ecstatic in other parts. There is a muscular spine that opens the track and maintains a steady presence throughout the epic layers – resulting in something that sparkles with melody and feeling like bands such as The Smiths, Felt, The Las and the C86/Madchester era bands. Judson explains the origins of the track:

The beginnings of ‘Wild Night’ came about one summer Friday late afternoon, when just mincing about my then apartment in Ashfield, I picked up my baritone electric guitar and started doodling.

Straight away my fingers went to the melodic figure that would be the eventual bedrock of ‘Wild Night’. Typically, I don’t know straight away if I like or dislike tunes or riffs I come up with, so I kind of kept it in the back of my mind as a “maybe one day” thing. Fast forward a year or so, a good friend introduced me to a fairly obscure 1988 solo album by Peter Koppes, guitarist from The Church called ‘Manchild & Myth’. The sound and songs immediately captivated me, and the icy, late night wooziness of that record inspired me to turn this baritone riff into something.

This is exultant and euphoric pop music with a visceral edge. The new video (filmed and directed by Lauren Crew and edited by Lewis) has an elegant simplicity about it, set in the inner west of Sydney amongst the drenching tropical rains that match the yearning, reflective feel of the track.

Goldmark is filmed, guitar case in hand, at a slightly grim urban bus stop before he casts aside the case and plays with a carefree, immersive performance in the sepia-tinged gloom. The song and performance creates its own indelible glow and Goldmark cuts an enigmatic figure silhouetted against the Perspexed grimy bus shelter:

Brilliant stuff. Lewis Goldmark is the project of Liam Judson from Belles Will Ring (and Magnetic Heads) and producer of many eminent bands, some of whom have graced our pages in the past including Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Imperial Broads, Cloud Control and The Lovetones. Another example of the glorious Marrickville Sound I incessantly bang on about.

This is the second single from Judson’s forthcoming debut album due early in 2022 via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records. You can download/stream it here or through the link below:

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