News: Enigmatic Sydney-based duo Nessick Berwick announce EP ‘Get There’ and unveil the title track as a tasty and insouciant aperitif

Sydney-based duo Nessick Berwick comprises of two musicians/producers with the most impressive and diverse CVs.

Ian Nessick has spent many years in Australia as a maverick fashion retailer involving some of the more forward-thinking stores in Sydney and Melbourne. He currently runs Rudimentary Raiments. As well as designing clothes, Nessick also designs interiors and writes lyrics.

Colin Berwick is originally from Scotland and initially played keyboards for The Big Dish, Hue & Cry, Jerry Burns and Big Country, with whom he spent four years with and features on their 1991 Buffalo Skinners Album. Still making music, amongst his more recent work includes the collaboration MIMESIS between Colin, Simon Polinski and Steve Kilbey, singer and writer with The Church.

Under the moniker Nessick Berwick, their collaboration has resulted in something incredibly special – with nods to the music of Serge Gainsbourg, Tindersticks and Baxter Dury with an air of faded opulence and bacchanalian indulgence, gilded with a literary sheen.

The single ‘Get There’ has sonorous vocals and a filigree of horns at the edges: louche and laid back with a considered insouciance in the delivery. Think late night red velvet walled basement bars with a burning whiskey aftertaste, a pall of smoke hanging in the torrid air and a heady whiff of something illicit.

Wandering pianos form a spine-tingling riff through the track that is hypnotic and dreamy, while the Burt Bacharach instrumentation is lush and golden.

It really is a tasty morsel that is quite enticing:

You can stream and download the single here.

The EP is set for a release on Friday, 15 April 2022 and promises to be a very pleasant sonic indulgence: we will be bringing you an early taste.

And how did this duo meet? A move to Sydney in 2002 for Berwick resulted in the formation of Sound Reservoir Post-production studios in Surry Hills. At the time, Nessick’s clothing label YPV was situated in the same building. Following some lively discussions around the sound emanating from the studio, Ian and Colin formed a music partnership.

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