News: Black Lips Billed To Headline Fluffer Pit Party

If getting deaf and sweaty at a rock & roll warehouse party isn’t your idea of a great Saturday night out, then read no further. Atlanta’s hottest leather-clad garage rock exports, the Black Lips, are billed to headline Fluffer Records‘s latest Pit Party.

In true squat rave style, the secret East London location isn’t revealed until the day of the event, but the suspense is only half of the cake. The bands, of which there are nine in total, will be foregoing the standard stage setting, in favour of playing in the centre of the room. The crowd surrounds them 360 degrees.

Japanese doommongers, Bo Ningen, have already been announced as support and there will also be six DJs filling the insatiable void between sets. Clear your diary for Saturday 21 May and do so for the whole day, because things kick off at 2pm and won’t die down until the early hours. Capacity is limited to 1000 people and word down the telegraph pole says that tickets are running low. Make sure you go to “the party of all parties”, or prepare yourself for the eventuality of having to explain to your grandchildren why you suck so much.

Tickets are available from and See Tickets. Click here for the Facebook Event Link.

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