Track: The Nagging Doubts tell you it’s a ‘Dirty Scene’ in their own inimitable fashion, with a scuzzy fuzzy melodic pop ramble.

Last year’s EP ‘Autocalm’ (reviewed by me here) was a brilliant introduction to the youthful exuberance of The Nagging Doubts, a band who have drawn on the rawness and street-wise veracity of The Velvet Underground and enriched it with a visceral antipodean sound. They are back with a new single ‘Dirty Scene’ and it is clearly business as usual.

‘Dirty Scene’ has all the jangling goodness you could desire with a sardonic, louche delivery about indulgence and depravity and other attractions, replete with sky high harmonies and a swagger. The story-telling style mixes The Go-Betweens veracity with a Lou Reed bacchanalian tale all over a swashbuckling dirty rock’n’roll bluster. Completely compelling and utterly cathartic.

The accompanying video is suitably chaotic and charming:

Surely one of the most exciting bands around and a youthful representative of the Marrickville Sound.

‘Dirty Scene’ is out now through all the usual downloading and streaming sites, through Scenic Drive Records.

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