Screaming Maldini Singer Gina Walters gives us the low-down on their new album, track by track.

We’ve already talked about the Screaming Maldini album, here. If you don’t want to read it (go on, it’s really good) then the important facts are these – 1. It is this sort of ‘prog-pop’ that although is essentially brilliant pop, is skewed with weird time-signatures,  adventurous instrumentation and soaked in, well ambition 2. Despite this, they have shown an incredible ability to write melody, and not just that, memorable melody. 3. the whole thing is sugared by co-lead singer Gina Walters beautiful, emotive and clear voice.

To be perfectly honest, she could sing us us a parking ticket and we’d sit there doe-eyed, so when we persuaded her to talk about the new album track by track, we just nodded. Best not risk anything else.

Track one: The Awakening

This is all about going out on the town and how maybe it’s not all that great. Pass the tea pot instead.

Track two: Life in Glorious Stereo
Have you ever tried to harmonise with your hoover or hairdryer? It’s about hearing music in everything.

Track three: Summer, Somewhere
Because no matter how down right dull your day to day life is and no matter how much your hate your job, it’s always summer somewhere.

Screaming Maldini – Secret Sounds

Track four: Secret Sounds
It’s about a kookaburra. He sings. Uh..

Track five: Snowflake
I like to interpret this as quite a dark chase through dreadful winter weather in the moors. But I’m the only one in the band who sees the dark side of these tunes. It’s all about balance though!

Screaming Maldini – Snowflake (Exosed in session)

Track six: The Dreamer
Remember Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? Similar lines, dreams, mind pictures.

Track seven: The Albatross
I don’t know what this song is about. But I had to make it mean something to me and therefore it’s sung from the POV of a spoilt child getting increasingly frustrated and upset. Cried my eyes out when I recorded this.

Track eight:, The Extraordinary
In Sheffield there are many a hill and many a fantastic view from said many hills. This is specifically one in Crookes looking over Stannington out to the Peaks. It’s rather spesh.

Track nine: The Silver Mountain
A girl turns into a mountain.

Screaming Maldini – The Silver Mountain

Track ten: Minor Alterations
All good and all bad things come to an end and nothing ever stays the same whether we want it to or not, change is a constant thing.

Track eleven: Stutter
I feel as much of an audience member to this song as you do. But as a listener it says “Every single apparently insignificant and unromantic part of me is yours as well as my heart and my soul.”

Track Twelve: Four Hours From Now
It’s a glorious mess more than anything. Nonsensical yet inspiring and useless yet driving. More than anything it’s damn good fun.

If you weren’t already convinced before, I trust you are now. So get out and buy it, or….well, we’ll send Gina round to sing you into it….

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