Slade Drummer Don Powell Returns With New Project ‘Don & The Dreamers’

Having experienced the highest level of success in Slade with twelve Top 5 hit singles in the UK, three of which went straight to #1 (obviously including one of the most well known Christmas songs there is) Don Powell is now back with a new band, Don & The Dreamers.

Having released their debut EP ‘Something Else’ earlier this week, the band have already set about their intentions, showing that the years have not taken away any of the energy or drive that made Don such a formidable drummer. The bluesy-rock lead single ‘Something Else’ features high octane guitar riffs and tight drums that create a sense of intensity under the growling lead vocals from Erik and a charasmatic guest appearance from Michelle Birkballe.

Speaking about the formation of the band and single, band member Henrik shares: “We have kind of formed a circle around Don, this kind and humble person, almost in a way that reminded me of The Traveling Wilburys (Dylan, Harrison, Petty and Lynne) and Roy Orbison, “preserving the gold”, you can call it

Everything has been so easy and relaxed – we just play what we enjoy, no acting, no starfucking, and when we are together it’s sheer fun!. “And then again the dreams always remain: we all played the Roskilde Festival many times, could the next be Glastonbury… haha they’d never want outdated oldstars like us!”

Bright, vibrant and full of joy, this is the sound of a band enjoying making music.

Watch the new video below:

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