Blu-Ray Review: The Razor’s Edge

Isabel and Larry

During the 1920s, and the following three decades, matinée idols played an important role in Hollywood. Almost always male, these stars were known for their debonaire good looks and normally cast as romantic leads or secondary leads. While it was often used as a derogatory term, there were many actors who rose above this tag. Including the likes of Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and Dirk Bogarde. Tyrone Power is another, demonstrating precisely why in The Razor’s Edge.

Isabel Bradley (Gene Tierney) is madly in love with her fiancée Larry Darrell (Power), which displeases her uncle Elliott (Clifton Webb) greatly. As an important member of polite society, he is unimpressed with the young man’s lack of money and reluctance to obtain a respectable job. It’s obvious to him that his niece should marry the wealthy Gray (John Payne), who is set to inherit his father’s fortune.

The Razor’s Edge is an epic romantic drama which spans three continents and takes place over many years. Adapted from W. Somerset Maugham’s novel, who (through Herbert Marshall) neatly links the story together, it’s a powerful and moving treatise on the meaning of life. A scathing indictment of war and soulless luxury. Edmund Goulding’s film works so well thanks to a hypnotic performance from Powers and a brilliant supporting cast. Making The Razor’s Edge a must-see.

Special features:

  • High-Definition Transfer
  • UK Blu-ray Premiere
  • Original Mono Audio
  • Optional English SDH Subtitles for the Main Feature
  • Commentary by Film Historians Anthony Slide and Robert Birchard
  • Movietone News Footage (“Honouring Somerset Maugham’s Book”, Film Premiere and Oscar Presentation)

The Razor’s Edge is released on Blu-ray by Signal One on 6 June.

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