Track: Tiny Little Houses drive straight out of Melbourne with a quirky ‘Car Crash’

The new song from Melbourne indie band Tiny Little Houses is a terrific humour-infused number with all the bottled up energy from a year burdened by lockdowns bursting out. It’s a refreshing drink from a cooling fountain. There is a frenetic and wry delivery: an arch observational veracity fueling a driving guitar-based pop. The lyrics provide a palimpsest for our our COVID-blighted world:

We’re all actors playing in this show…but I’ve been forgetting my lines lately

Singer Caleb Karvountzis says of the track:

I wrote Car Crash at a time when I had so many decisions to make in my life that I was completely frozen. The lyrics reflect wanting a release from that tension, whether the means of that release was good for me or not.

That cathartic release comes as a metaphor for the world slowly emerging from the darkness.

The accompanying video is aptly surreal and quirky. Director Michael Ridley said:

When we were first coming up with the concept for the clip, we all had similar ideas of wanting to bring the image of the band in a crashing car to life, but I always like to see if things can be taken that extra step further into absurdity.

The manipulative TV host a cynical portrayal of our media-obsessed and driven existence:

The single is out now through the legendary Ivy League Records and you can stream/download here.

Feature Photograph: Aneta Urbonaite

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