Soundtrack of Our Lives: Bo Moore of The Peacers brings the groove

Bo Moore of The Peacers, photographed by Mike Donovan

SAN FRAN’S Sic Alps, living guitar legends, were one of those bands which, with the amount of the talent in its ranks, could only burn bright and, like an unstable isotope, emit members to spin off into other musical pursuits, eventually to transform itself in a musical half-life.

Tim Hellman went into the ranks of Thee Oh Sees; Mike Donovan was joined by still other members of John Dwyer’s psych voyagers in The Peacers, our main concern here this morning for which we are gathered, dearly beloved; and Ty Segall also initially stepped forward from the one outfit into the other before himself spinning out into other aural worlds.

What’s set The Peacers apart from other bands from that scene they’re travelling alongside (and exchanging members with) is a more baroque, acoustic approach to their garage vision; maybe a little more Pearls Before Swine in that initial mix than say, Bubble Puppy, maybe more ’66 than ’69.

And well, whaddya know, the second Peacers line-up, the one that recorded that second album, Introducing The Crimsmen, after exactly two-thirds of the album one version of the band made for the out door – they’ve held firm to the tiller for their latest little beauty, Blexxed Rec, so props, Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin and Mike Shoun.

Mike Donovan may have headed for the east coast and dropped a couple of solo sets, but they’ve kept a welcome in the Cali hillsides. Jolly good show. No time to shilly-shally. Prop the doors open lads, we’s a comin’ in.

It’s an album which we summated as: “Whatcha got? A great little garage rock record, is what. One foot in a California garage, fiddling with the fuzz pedals; another gazing across the ocean to Swingin’ London town, taking in folkiness, powerpop, mod and freakbeat touches. A great record for a dusk motorway, this; yeah, a great little record.” Hey, you can read our full review right over here; step this way if you would.

We caught up with the band’s Bo Moore to talk about the Soundtrack to His Life, which revealed a playlist that rather rocks, to be blunt. And you can find that playlist right down the end there to take away with you. Let’s crack on …

BACKSEAT MAFIA: Hi Bo, and thanking you for taking the time to lead us through the soundtrack to your life. First up: what for you is the perfect Saturday night tune?

BO MOORE: “Stay With Me” by the Faces.

And for the inevitable day after: a good recommend for a Sunday morning record?

Friends, by The Beach Boys.

Name a band that should be bigger.

St Joseph and the Abandoned Food, although I vowed to stop saying this to Noel from the band when I’m drunk and see him at shows.

What was the track that influenced you to start making music?

Simon and Garfunkel’s “Leaves That Are Green”.

And how about your parents’ records; what were the tunes of your formative years?

Dad’s mix tape in car with 70s’ AM hits, specifically Paper Lace (“Billy Don’t Be a Hero”, “The Night Chicago Died”), Bay City Rollers … the best version of “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” is actually by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods and I think that was the version on the tape. Bay City Rollers’ “Saturday Night” is a real ass song and should be taken more seriously.

What’s the best cover version?

The Who’s “Summertime Blues”, from Live At Leeds … or The Beatles, “Please Mr Postman”.

What album gets you on the dancefloor?

The whole of the album Pass The Dust, I Think I’m Bowie, by Black Randy and The Metrosquad.

What’s a tour bus favourite?

I remember Shayde [Sartin, fellow member of The Peacers] iPod DJing some nice cuts as we drove in the EU including Ian Dury, Cleaners From Venus, Townes Van Zandt live … .

What’s the best cover version of something by The Peacers?

Ty Segall, “Who’s Producing You?”. Mike D wrote this but I dunno how similar they are.

What’s a song you remember most from childhood?

Positive K, “I Got a Man”.

Can you divulge a guilty pleasure?

No guilt for pleasure! But if you must have an answer, the aforementioned Bay City Rollers’ “Saturday Night” has, as Mike Shoun [also of The Peacers] might say, ‘a bad reputation’ among serious people. But really I have no reservations about the awesomeness of that song and anyone who has a problem with it can heck off.

Can you name a record with inspiring words?

Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

What’s the best song you’ve written?

“Ms Ela Stanyon’s School of Acting” or “Irish Suit” have the most active and cohesive full band arrangements, with everyone having their parts. Songs written by Mike D.

Can you name a favourite track made by friends?

“Harlequin Knights/Grub Blastin’ ” 7″ by St. Joseph and the Abandoned Food; I’ll never stop!

And finally; what’s a record that makes you sad?

“Sweet Lady Genevieve” by The Kinks. Come on bro! if Ray singing about regret and lost love doesn’t make you cry you’re outta luck!

Bo, thanks so much.

The Peacers’ Blexxed Rec is out now on Drag City digitally, on cassette and on vinyl, and is available to order over at the label’s webstore; or get y’self down to your neighbourhood record emporium.

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