Californian trio L.A. Witch announce their new EP Octubre, to be released on 2nd November on Suicide Squeeze Records and share the first single from it, ‘Haunting’.

Octubre may be a records about unhealthy infatuations and debilitating love, but it’s also an inadvertent statement in the past and permanence. Offered to the world as a surprise digital release, it might suggest a kind of ephemera, but the underlying motive is to reinvent and bring a new life to these seminal songs from the band’s early years. Re-imagined and reshaped, these songs not only represent the band’s beginnings but also serve as a teaser for the band’s future output.

‘Haunting’ is a beat driven, drawled vocals captivator that creates a pleasant sway with its pleasing countenance. Haunting is an appropriate title, as the addictive track gets stuck in your head, its ghost haunting long after you’ve listened.