Track: GGGOLDDD – Notes On How To Trust

Dutch alternative pop innovators GGGOLDDD (previously known as GOLD) have announced details on their fifth studio album, ‘This Shame Should Not Be Mine’ which is set for release on 1st April via Artoffact Records.
They have also shared the powerful new video for, ‘Notes on How to Trust’

In the silence of 2020’s lockdown, Milena Eva was confronted with parts of her past that had been long buried. Bubbling up to the surface, repressed memories and traumatic events pushed their way into her daily life until they could no longer be ignored. With no choice but to confront her past, she accepted its presence in the present, an unwelcome houseguest during already uncomfortable times.

Around the same time, Roadburn Festival approached GGGOLDDD to propose a commissioned performance for the 2021 online edition of the festival – and the opportunity granted Milena a creative outlet to process her emotions. Shortly before their Roadburn performance, Milena revealed that she had been raped aged 19; it is the memories of this time and its lasting impact on her that informed ‘This Shame Should Not Be Mine’.

There is a heavy and dramatic attitude to this pop track, that features the brooding and expressive vocals from Eva. The ticking of the drums and the hypnotic guitar passages join the sweeping strings to create a huge atmospheric piece. Something thats just that little bit special.

Check it out, here

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Track Listing:

  1. I Wish I Was a Wild Thing with a Simple Heart
  2. Strawberry Supper
  3. Like Magic
  4. Spring
  5. Invisible
  6. I Won’t Let You Down
  7. Notes on How to Trust
  8. This Shame Should Not be Mine
  9. On You
  10. Beat by Beat
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