Premiere: Prudns Unveils Ethereal Debut Album ‘NEXT’ with Enchanting Title Track Video + Secret Album Party Announcements!

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As the anticipation builds for the upcoming release of Prudns‘ debut album ‘NEXT,’ fans and music enthusiasts alike are in for a treat. Scheduled to hit the digital shelves on November 3rd, ‘NEXT‘ promises to be a transformative musical journey like no other. The album features the title track ‘NEXT,’ which we are honoured t0 premiere today, which has already captured our hearts, along with newly released singles ‘Riddle‘, ‘Goodnight‘, and ‘WHYDOU‘.

Prudns, an ethereal art-pop artist, has carefully crafted ‘NEXT’ as a sanctuary of stories that take the listener on a heartfelt and immersive journey. Each track on the album serves as a unique chapter in the artist’s life, offering glimpses into the relationships and experiences that have shaped Prudns over the last eight years.

In Prudns’ own words, “NEXT is like looking through my diary. Each song is a story about the relationships that have taught me about myself, love, pain, and meaning“. The album serves as a testament to their personal evolution and creative expression, beautifully showcasing Prudns’ profound affinity for hyperkinetic club beats and the energetic power ballads that resonate with the soul. Featuring spirited narratives in tracks like ‘Riddle’ and ‘Goodnight’, the album also plunges into the domain of vigorous beats with ‘Empty Words’ and ‘Like a Dream’. The journey continues with the intricate melodies of ‘Looking at You’ and ‘A Number’. Finally, the album finds its heartfelt and nostalgic closure with ‘Unfriend (Demo)’, a poignant phone recording played on Prudns’ childhood piano, adding a touching dimension to this musical odyssey.

The title track ‘NEXT’ is a mesmerizing blend of music and emotion. It feels like a moment of reflective solitude amid a pulsating dance floor at the club, where emotions simmer beneath the surface, but one is still immersed in the collective energy of the moment. The single is a testament to Prudns’ multifaceted talent, as it goes beyond being solely sung and performed by Prudns. It’s a labour of meticulous craftsmanship with credits that encompass its creation, being both written and produced by Prudns, skillfully mixed by Adam Dempsey, and expertly mastered by Niall Dunsmore.

In the mesmerising music video for ‘NEXT,’ directed by the visionary Szilvia Kaszaniczky, viewers embark on a journey through Prudns’ artistic evolution. As the visual narrative unfolds, Prudns adorns a white gown, appearing as if ensnared within a labyrinth of crimson ribbons. With the video’s progression, a burst of vibrant colour metamorphoses the scene, eventually revealing a stripped-down Prudns, concealed beneath a white sheet, all the while serenading us with their hauntingly beautiful voice. This cinematic masterpiece artfully encapsulates the essence of transformation and serves as a vivid and emotive companion to the song ‘NEXT.’ Prudns describes the video as “… a personal evolution from feeling trapped to a determined struggle for liberation, ultimately leading to a reconnection with authentic self. Rather than a linear narrative, it is like a mood board, vividly embodying each transformative phase“.

Prudns’ exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to artistry will come to the forefront at the secret album parties celebrating the album’s release. These exclusive events are set to captivate audiences on the following dates: Saturday, November 4th, in Meanjin/Brisbane; Saturday, November 25th, in Eora/Sydney; and Saturday, December 2nd, in Naarm/Melbourne.

As the release date for ‘NEXT’ approaches, listeners are in for an unforgettable musical experience that transcends boundaries and invites them to explore the depths of emotion, self-discovery, and artistic expression. Prdns’ debut album promises to be a captivating journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Be sure to pre-save Prudns debut album ‘NEXT’ ahead of its November 3rd release, and don’t miss the mesmerising music video for the single, both of which offer a tantalising glimpse into the ethereal world of Prudns.

Image Credit: @teddybardwell

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