Live Review: Scene Queen / In Her Own Words / Delilah Bon – O2 Academy, London 10.10.2023

Rebecca Bush

By Rebecca Bush

Tonight Scene Queen brings her headline tour to London, her success just keeps on building and little by little she is taking over the world and painting it pink!

First on tonight’s lineup is Delilah Bon and she opens up the night with a total bang. She and her bandmates are here to spread positivity, empowerment and just all round kick ass. We are very much in a time where our voices are getting louder and Delilah knows exactly what needs to be said. The crowd all sing back the lyrics and are clearly fully embracing the band whose message is in the same vain as Scene Queen, it’s wonderful to see so many people brought together and supporting each other right when it’s needed the most. And these guys have the talent to back it all up, the songs are catchy, Delilah’s vocal is powerful and they own every inch of the stage with their energetic performance. A joy to watch!

Second, to take the stage tonight are Los Angeles pop punk rockers In Her Own Words. They keep the
energy up with a powerful punchy set. All the members of the band have such huge personalities
and are super fun, clearly in their element and meant to be here and the audience agrees. Arms are
in the air voices still all singing along tonight’s’ crowd has stamina. Admittedly I wasn’t sure of their
fit for this lineup but they more than proved me wrong and were actually a wonderful placement.

Scene queen is loved, the faces staring from the crowd are all eager and excited and as her intro
blasts from the speakers, their unwavering energy somehow hits an all new high. It is immediately
obvious just how connected to her fans she is and throughout her set, there are many moments of
connection, she takes the hand of every crowd surfer and is always reaching back at their
outstretched hands. Tonight’s set is powerful and full of heart, and no song seems to outshine the
other which is a real testament to just what a talent she truly is. Hits such as ‘Pink Panther’ that
illustrate her alliance to the LGBTQ+ community and ’18+’ speak out about the industry and
people in power who abuse it. Being a voice for so many who need one is brave and admirable and
she does it all whilst belting out a wonderful vocal to some seriously catchy hooks! With all the
personality and lovability to boot it’s really exciting to watch, Scene Queens shows are a
celebration, a show of solidarity, and a bitchin’ party! If you haven’t jumped on board the Pink Bus
yet now’s the time.

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