Track: Sydney’s Bellwether may be ‘Halfway Happy’, but they’re creating a lot of good fun punky pop joy. Debut EP and live dates announced.

On the back of two already very impressive singles (‘Charade’ and ‘Shortsighted’), Sydney pop punksters Bellwether are again leading the field with their new single ‘Halfway Happy’. This is all in the build up to the release of their debut EP ‘Impermanence’ on Friday, 8 April.

‘Halfway Happy’ incorporates chiming and ringing guitars that seem to thread their way through Bellwether’s songs, delivered in an anthemic euphoric rush with a hint of urgency and melancholy. The band says of the single:

‘Halfway Happy’ comes from a place of being trapped in the company of someone that makes you feel like you’re always falling short. The song focuses a lot on this pattern of constantly questioning every part of ourselves and feeling like we’re simply not good enough – for ourselves or those around us. When we’re with someone that is always making us doubt ourselves, it’s easy to fall into that mindset and second guess every aspect of ourselves. Reflecting on these kinds of experiences, we see our past mistakes and regrets take shape in the form of insecurities that impact us every day, even years on.

The lyrics reveal a viscerally personal expression:

Every day I pay for the same mistakes
That I made when I was eighteen,
Because who I am blames all I’ve been
But it’s hard not to hate you for everything.

The shadows of doubt and anxiety that cling to us all are exquisitely depicted in this track: pure scuzzy pop delivered with incision and insight. Bellwether combine a thunderous rhythm section with delicate harmonies and subtle guitars. Lovely stuff:

Like fellow Sydney-siders ‘Down For Tomorrow’, Bellwether epitomises a new force in emo-tinged punk pop in Australia that welds together an iron spine with delicate and yearning melodies.

Bellwether will be releasing their debut EP ‘Impermanence’ on Friday, 8 April – watch out for an exclusive early listen here at Backseat Mafia. In the meantime. ‘Halfway Happy’ is available to stream and download through all the usual sites.

You can catch Bellwether in the flesh at the following dates:

Friday, 25 March at the Crow Bar
Supporting FANGZ
Saturday 2 April at the Burdekin
Supporting Terra

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