Track: Sydney-based indie rockers Bellwether release the anthemic ‘Shortsighted’

Bellwether have released a dynamic slab of indie rock with their single ‘Shortsighted’, incorporating a Pixies-style quiet/loud ethic and a huge anthemic blast of melody. What is even more impressive is that this is their debut single.

Based in Sydney, the band has grown from a number of local acts into something of some stature: crunchy guitars, scaling harmonies and a pounding rhythm section. The vocals have more range than the Himalayas: going from a soft reflective and contemplative delivery to a powerful roar before a sudden cathartic stop.

Songwriter and guitarist Heath Joukhadar says of the track:

‘Shortsighted’ is, in essence, a song about self-acceptance. It’s about confronting and admitting your own flaws, while at the same time accepting yourself for who you are and abandoning the expectations imposed onto you by others. That all being said, the song doesn’t take itself seriously, which is not only reflected by the message of the lyrics but also the numerous pop culture and meme references included throughout the track.

“We took a lot of inspiration from BoJack Horseman when we were writing ‘Shortsighted’, as he was a character we could all empathise withBoJack personifies the feeling of never being good enough and we tried channelling that energy into the song. Sometimes you feel like a piece of shit and that’s alright.

A refreshingly self-deprecating sense of humour lurks within the blast. There are elements of Green Day with the indie punk ethos and sense of veracity:

‘Shortsighted is out now and available to download/stream here, and Bellwether is a portent of great things to come.

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