Track: ONI – ‘Silence In A Room Of Lies’ ft. Jared Dines

Travis Shinn

Fresh off their US tour with Megadeth and Bullet For My Valentine, Canadian progressive metal luminaries ONI have returned with a ferocious new single, ‘Silence In A Room Of Lies,’ featuring Jared Dines. The track is a volatile, metallic anthem with a torrential onslaught of groove-laden riffs, threaded with infectious melody.

Commenting on the new single, Jake Oni states: 

“I’m super stoked to share my new song ‘Silence in a Room of Lies’! This track is the first step in a new direction for ONI musically. This is just a taste of what’s to come and I hope my fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Writing with Jared Dines was an absolute pleasure and his contributions brought this song to a whole new level.”

Jared Dines is equally thrilled, commenting:

“I am very proud of the song we were able to write together, and I’m excited that the world can finally hear it! Jake is the coolest dude and working with him was an absolute pleasure!”

A busy track of heavy riffs, explosive choruses and superb vocal work split between the clean and guttural screams that add a touch of emotive power. A face melting solo completes this killer track and a welcome return for ONI.

Check it out, here

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