Premiere: Italian shoegaze maestros The Backlash exclusively share video for thrilling new track ‘Loosen Up’, ahead of announcement of new album ‘Rise’.

We are honoured to be able to premiere the new track ‘Loosen Up’ for Milan psych/shoegaze maestros The Backlash, along with news of  a new album, ‘Rise’, due for release on 24 February 2023 through Dirty Beach Records (Italy) and Shore Dive Records (Brighton UK). The band is amongst a plethora of stunning musicians coming out of Italy that create the most enchanting, mesmerising psych-infused shoegaze and dream pop anthems (think CLUSTERSUN, Rev Rev Rev to name but a few).

‘Loosen Up’ prowls with heavy intent – a razor-sharp bass scythes its way through the ether with a brooding darkness, propelled by a driving percussion and shimmering, fuzzy guitars as the enigmatic vocals colour the surface with a sneery, louche attitude. The track launches into a celestial chorus that is cinematic and pulse quickening.

The track ebbs and flows with a burning intensity, reaching a crescendo that is utterly euphoric, while pulling back for the atmospheric verses. There are no doubt elements of The Stone Roses and The Verve in the delivery, but the style and stature are all original.

The accompanying video by Cristina Zonni is stunning: vivid colours and patterns background the band in performance, who are frequently silhouetted against a kaleidoscope of sharply defined colours:

This is thrilling stuff from a band that is proving itself to be an international phenomenon with a gift for masterful songwriting and enthralling sounds. ‘Loosen Up’ will be released everywhere tomorrow (Friday, 4 November).

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