Track: Lily Konigsberg – That’s The Way I Like It

Lily Konigsberg, from art rock band Palberta, is announcing her solo debut LP, ‘Lily We Need To Talk Now’ due 29th October via Wharf Cat. The title is taken from a text she received from the album’s producer Nate Amos of the band Water From Your Eyes. Along with the announcement Konigsberg release of the album’s first single ‘That’s The Way I Like It’.

“I said ‘I’m going to write a song now’ to my friend and then wrote this song in 20 minutes,” says Konigsberg. “The chords are symmetrical so it’s really fun to play on guitar. It’s a fucking catchy and sassy song about getting what I want when I deserve it. Not whatever I want. Just when I deserve it.”

‘That’s The Way I Like It’ is a slice of the Pixies all wrapped up in the wonderful melodic mind of Konigsberg. The excitable strumming of the garage sounding guitar is held up by the solid backbeat drums courtesy of her Palberta bandmate Nina Ryser. Its sweet sassy goodness that you can’t help but love.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Konigsberg’s Bandcamp or Twitter

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1. Beauty
2. I Can Make You Sweat Forever
3. That’s The Way I Like It
4. Alone
5. Don’t Be Lazy With Me
6. Proud Home
7. Hark
8. Bad Boy
9. Roses, Again
10. Goodbye
11. True

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