PREMIERE: Jewels Gold shares live performance of ‘Royalty/Life is Meant to Be Lived’ to celebrate debut EP release

Sometimes, the true test of an artist’s abilities is when they have to prove themselves as a performer, and we’re of the opinion that New Jersey’s Jewels Gold has got what it takes. Evidently, so does she: Gold sat on her debut EP for close to a year until shooting live videos for the whole thing. You can check out the rest of the set here, as it’s been unfolding since early last month, and today we get to show you its closing track. Or rather, closing tracks.

The self-titled EP was going to feature ‘Royalty’ and ‘Life is Meant to Be Lived’ as separate songs, but their musical parallels resulted in a multi-part 6-minute hybrid instead. Per Gold: “When I finished writing ‘Royalty,’ it became my favorite song I had ever written, and everything I wrote after that didn’t resonate the same way, until I wrote ‘Life Is Meant to Be Lived.’ One day, I was playing ‘Royalty’ on my piano and then played ‘Life Is Meant to Be Lived.’ Once I heard how the songs blended into each other melodically and sonically, I knew that they belonged together as one long song.”

Inspired by coming of age during an ongoing pandemic, we’ve got your first look at the live clip for ‘Royalty/Life is Meant to Be Lived’ – just Gold’s piano and impressive vocals in their ‘most natural form’. Tune in below; the self-titled debut EP is out today via Burnside/The Orchard.

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