Track: Meadow Meadow – Bonzo

Meadow Meadow are a collaborative project between Peter Darlington and James Green, split between Manchester and London. They’ve released their debut single Bonzo, via Practise Music.

Peter says of the track Peter on the track: “Bonzo was the first song we wrote together that we felt captured the direction of where we wanted to go creatively. It’s about an experience I had riding a bus in the evening to my old hometown that I hadn’t visited for a few years. The journey evoked a slightly surreal nostalgia and I began piecing together some forgotten experiences and memories from my childhood.”

Gently swaying and with this lovely pastoral feel about it, Bonzo is built on these piano interjections, scattering percussion and gluey guitar licks alongside the sinewy vocals. It’s the sort of thing that comes in and just softly bruises your feels.

Check it out, here

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