See: The Proper Ornaments share “Memories” video

The evocative lyric “Look into the sun, when everything’s become, a whiter shade of grey” certainly rings true at midday, midweek and in the middle of winter. What better then to gently blow away the Trump-ageddon hues and thaw seasonal blues than this new video for ‘Memories’ from The Proper Ornaments.

The Proper Ornaments James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy) released their second album ‘Foxhole’ on January 20th of this year via Tough Love/Slumberland Records. The sophomore release as its title suggests is a departure from their debut album of 2014 ‘Wooden Head’, due in no small way to the pair having bought pianos and Daniel Nellis and Bobby Syme joining on bass and drums.

Whilst their particularly recognizable style remains, there is a notable transition from psych distortion to acoustic comfort in the guitar melodies. A slower pace also provides the pairing the opportunity to explore new more nuanced approaches to song craft. ‘Memories’ is a shining example of that and is a soft, warm hug of a tune, delivered in a fuzzy focus, soothing honey filled lozenge of an official video. As such it is the perfect listen and view on such a cold miserable day. Hoare’s lyrics conjure imagery that warms nostalgically offering light relief from the bleak midwinter. Notions of the “Summer rain, a slight refrain, into something new” ooze over karmic Lennon-esque keys heavenly moog and vocal harmonies and the soft patter of percussion.

The warmth and tonality of the song is embellished furthermore by the interpersonal content of the video. A video shot in a homemade hand held way that only adds positively to the central theme of the piece. Framing, as it does the introspective nostalgia of happy, shared memories, that stimulate the synapses like fireworks exploding in flashes of pleasure and heat. The feel of the video replicates that familiar vintage Bell & Howell Two Fifty Two 8mm Movie Camera and sits perfectly with the tune itself. Having recorded on an 8 track at their home The Perfect Ornaments in this video for ‘Memories’ have the perfect fit between original track and promo video.


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