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With the 12” set for release on January 30th, Portugal’s 10,000 Russos are the latest act to perform for Fuzz Club Records’ live sessions. Recorded at the Love Buzz Studio in south London using only analogue equipment and usually down in one in one take. The Fuzz Club Sessions are recorded straight to tape capturing the vibrancy and essence of each act. These stripped down, raw and unkempt sessions aim to showcase some of the best names in psych and rock and roll. Each of the Fuzz Club Sessions are to be released on 12” and are accompanied by a series of videos from the day that are available on Fuzz Clubs’ Youtube channel.

The 10,000 Russos session opens with a sizzlingly sinister 7min psych edition of 2015 album track ‘Karl Burns’. Aboriginal tonality and B-movie synthscapes provide the platform upon which tribal percussion and big muff harmonics orbit around João Pimenta’s Fall’esque vocals. We catch a glimpse of the aforementioned Love Buzz analogue tape equipment spinning as a searing sonic screech signals second session track ‘Baden Baden Baden’. There is an enigmatic, industrial, dare I say northern, early Joy Division dirge about this track. Adrift, the dark, foreboding, melodic melancholy builds hypnotically. Then peaking climatically in an explosive crescendo of reverberated distortion, tremolo, feedback and oscillation.

New track ‘Policia Preventiva’ is a contemporary commentary on control and the human condition. Which gives insight both into the deeper workings of the bands ethos and alludes to what to expect from 10,000 Russos second LP which is currently in production. Lead by a distorted vocal line in the first instance, the track blossoms in the later phase, through the sonic experimentation orchestrated by talented guitarist Pedro Pestana.

Emerging from the proverbial pit of Quatermass ‘One Second Yugoslavia’ completes the session in 10,000 Russos sinister psych style. A lysergic abstract turn the closing track twists the psyche. Sustained overdriven notation, distorted echoed vocal harmonies mirror and strobe against each other in resistance. The cacophonic psilocin held together only by the force of André Couto’s metronomic Bass.
Fuzz Club Session: 10 000 Russos – Karl Burns

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