Live Gallery: Sydney Rocks Out: Incubus & +Live+ Put On A Spectacular Show at the Hordern Pavilion 11.04.2024


The Hordern Pavilion in Sydney is sold out and buzzing with anticipation tonight as two legendary bands, Incubus and Live, are set to grace the stage in a once-in-a-lifetime concert event.

First on the bill are Incubus, hailing from California, and a legendary force in the alternative rock scene. Known for their innovative sound that blends rock, metal, funk, and hip-hop, they’ve amassed a loyal following with hits like ‘Drive,’ ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and ‘Pardon Me.’ Incubus ignite the stage with their powerful presence, captivating the audience. The band skilfully intertwines their classic hits with new material, demonstrating their continued relevance and musical innovation. They throw in a few covers for good measure ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles, Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ and a few bars of the Doors’ ‘Riders on the Storm.’

Live are known to captivate audiences with their heartfelt rock anthems. Emerging from Pennsylvania, they gained international fame with their album ‘Throwing Copper,’ which features iconic tracks like ‘Lightning Crashes’ and ‘I Alone.’ As the lights dim and the first chords of Live’s set resonate through the venue, the crowd erupts. The band deliver a mesmerising performance, with each song evoking memories and stirring emotions.

The music industry is going through a tough time at present, but this special gig is a celebration of music’s transcendent power that allows us to soar beyond our everyday realities and concerns for a few hours.

Incubus and Live fans leave the venue with hearts full and voices hoarse, knowing they’ve just witnessed something truly special.

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