Fantasia Festival Review: Yummy

Whilst cosmetic surgery feels like something which should have stayed in the 20th century, it’s still as popular as ever today. Our obsession with perfection and eternal youth is even more insipid than ever. Given the ethics and debates around these ‘improvements’, it has provided fertile ground for genre filmmakers. Rabid, Goodnight Mommy and Seconds have all played with the more troubling aspects of plastic surgery. Yummy uses it more for comedic effect.

Alison (Maaike Neuville) can’t wait to have breast reduction surgery whilst her mother (Taeke Nicolai) always ‘needs’ something doing. They’re accompanied on their trip to Eastern Europe for the procedures by Michael (Bart Hollanders), Alison’s rather squeamish boyfriend. He soon has misgivings about the whole thing, which are heightened when he discovers that the doctors have been working on an experimental treatment which may have one or two side effects.

Whilst there are some clever touches and a few inspired moments, with Yummy you pretty much get what you’d expect. It’s an entertaining ‘zombie’ movie which doesn’t take itself too seriously or have much time for nuance. That’s not to say that Lars Damoiseaux’s film isn’t well made or that the cast aren’t easily equal to the material. If you’re looking for some light relief, you could do a lot worse than Yummy.

Yummy screens at Fantasia Festival.  

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