Interview: We meet Tungz On lockdown, Bristol and new single Go Out

An exclusive interview with Tungz in support of new single GO OUT out now from Heist of Hit Records

  • What was the inspiration for the song GO OUT?

It was written at a time when we were very unsettled moving from place to place a lot. We were also spending quite a lot of time ‘out on the town’! It didn’t create the best feelings, that whole routine of uncertainty and overexertion, but those feelings kinda created Go Out, so swings and roundabouts I guess. 

  • What are the band’s influences? Currently there seems to be a wave of 80s tinged bands; yourselves, Video Age and Private World to name a few

We used to play in funk bands when we all first met – probably playing more 70s stuff than anything. A lot of that goodness has bled into the style of music we play now, but we’re also influenced by all sorts of artists and producers – the majority of them probably modern. The winding road from Quincy Jones through to the Paul Brothers and Big Kev and the T boys (Tame Impala): that’s where we like to hang out. 

  • When is the new album scheduled for release?

Who you been talking to?

  • What is Bristol like as a music scene?

It’s wild! There’s all sorts of stuff – stuff that makes you wanna stay out and dance all night ( RIP :’( ). But there’s also some crazy good jazz musicians who make you wanna go right back to your room and practice for like 10 more years. 

  • How have you coped with the lockdown, have you embraced the creative potential or struggled with the isolation?

Well we make music at home, so in theory it’s just been like any other year in the Tungz household. And we have probably made more stuff than ever, but I don’t think we can expect everything to just be business as usual when the rest of the world is so crazy out there. Or that’s what we’re telling our label anyway.

  • Where do you see touring and the music industry this time next year?

Who knows – hopefully thriving with a renewed energy and enthusiasm like never before. Crowds going ballistic at the sound of a single synth note. Every single gig an insane combination of laughter, tears and super well-rehearsed popping and locking. Either that or just a shit tonne of iPads.

  • What have you been listening to lately?

Midnight Marauders – Tribe Called Quest. Tribe actually feels quite current right now because it’s all pretty chill and groovy.

We love each and every one of them as though they were our own fathers. And in a sense.. they are. 

Go Out by Tungz is out now from Heist or Hit Records on all streaming platforms

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