News: Emerging Indie-rockers President Elect Unveil Vibrant New Single ‘Pretence’ from Upcoming EP

President Elect, the burgeoning indie-rock sensation, has set the scene ablaze with their latest single ‘Pretence,’ a glimpse into their forthcoming EP ‘You’ve Gotta Lot of Nerve Believing in Me’.

Produced at RAK Studios under the guidance of Tayte Nickols and mixed and mastered by Lee McCarthy at Sugar House Productions, ‘Pretence’ showcases President Elect’s evolution as musicians, blending infectious hooks with dynamic guitar-led compositions.

‘Pretence’ kicks off with a pulsating guitar riff before erupting into a high-energy rhythm, layered with driving basslines and soaring lead guitar melodies. The track navigates through verses adorned with synth textures and reverberating vocals, building towards a climactic chorus where Holda Sek’s vocals intertwine seamlessly with the band’s raw energy, harmonising with the main vocal line to further emphasises the infectious melody.

Reflecting on the single, the band explains: “Pretence was written and recorded with our close friend Holda Sek. A song about reflection, past relationships, and the idea that what you thought something would be was better than it actually was. 

Every inch of this song feels like you’re listening through a coming of age film, whether it’s the arguing duet of Iggy and Maddie (Holda Sek), Jude’s haunting 7/4 guitar riff, or the chaos of Zak’s drums in the outro – the song is undeniably a potential young adult breakup anthem. 

We spent a lot of time in RAK Studio with our Producer Tayte Nickols, trying to capture the raw emotion and the deterioration of the relationship in the music as well as the lyrics. It was only after Vincent solo’d through a crazy delay pedal, while we randomly twisted and turned the knobs that we knew we’d finally created the feeling we were looking for. Pretence took its time to be fully-formed but it results in the most unique and emotional track from the EP. “

President Elect’s rise extends beyond the studio, with sold-out shows in London, to festival appearances at Vale Fest; the band has captivated audiences with their infectious energy and dynamic stage presence. Offering an exciting taste of the upcoming EP, the single is a fine addition to the bands growing catalogue.

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