DROPPIN’ KNOWLEDGE: TRACK: The Twilite Tone – ‘Do It Properly’

ANTHONY KHAN, the Chicago-based producer who has collaborated with Kanye and Gorillaz and produced longtime friend Common, is bringing his The Twilite Tone project to the world via the channels of the good people at Stones Throw.

His latest single, “Do It Properly”, has been dropped by the label, and is available to stream and purchase for your delectation right now over at Spotify, Apple and Bandcamp.

The track comes in on a sampled speech, rousing, on a crisp as hell break; it opens out into a big, deep ‘n’ squelchy cinematic future funk wash, blending modern production and textural chops, synthwave and P-funk into an irresistible and offbeat groove, intersecting at the crossroads of many genres. It’s deep, it’s cinematic, it hooks you right in and gets that head nodding with absolute appreciation.

Anthony says: “‘Do It Properly’ is an ever-evolving suite. The intro is taken from a speech by Dr Khalid Muhammad, which Public Enemy also used to open “Night Of The Living Baseheads”. 

“I repurposed the sound byte as a call and response that speaks in past tense, reminding me that I have been brought to a place where I have taken my ‘name, reputation, language, religion, culture, god’ and even ‘mind’ away, so I can come to a new place, space and time.”

As the single heralds, The Twilite Tone is here to repurpose, reimagine and to leap forward.

Expect a full album from The Twilite Tone on Stones Throw in the autumn: in the meantime, keep up with him at Stones Throw and on Instagram.

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