Track: Chavez Cartel burn twice as bright under the ‘Midnight Skies’ as they unveil expanded UK tour and EP ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Feature Photograph: Justin Ma photography

Exuding a swagger and attitude that would burn your eyebrows off at ten paces, the über cool Chavez Cartel have released the sweltering track ‘Midnight Skies’ on the announcement of an expanded UK tour later this year and the release of their EP ‘Man’s Best Friend’ through UK’s prestigious End Of The Trail Creative Records.

‘Midnight Skies’ cements Chavez Cartel as overlords of dark brooding swampy music that burns with an titanium intensity: an onslaught of fiery guitars and a louche vocal delivery.

‘Man’s Best Friend’ is due out on Friday, 5 May 2023. Drummer Tom Isaacs explains the influences on the band: 

We all have different inspirations and different artists we draw our inspiration from. For me, All Them Witches have a huge influence on my drumming and my thought process for writing music/structure/songs. I know Ben [Simpson, vocals] draws a lot of inspiration from artists such as Velvet Underground, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Oasis. Jack [Kelly, guitar] is more old school, he loves AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Josh [Kemp, bass] is a good mixture of all of us put together!

With Australian dates later this year, Chavez Cartel have unveiled an expanded first tour of the UK – see details below.

Sat 3 Jun | Moondoll Festival, Brisbane Qld

Sat 29 Jul | Rockhampton Music Festival, Rockhampton Qld

Feature Photograph: Justin Ma photography

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  1. […] Midnight Skies is a break up song. It’s about giving everything you’ve got to someone and coming away with what feels like nothing. I think if you applied the lyrics to a darker arrangement then you’d get an absolute depressing misery but the songs really bright and bouncy and it carries it  away into the light. It makes you feel like you’ve won. Even if you’ve lost. It’s off our new album which is out May 5th through End Of The Trail Records.  […]

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