Track: Cardiff’s Inland Murmur release the delicate and fragile ‘Waterline’


The intricate layers and wistful air of ‘Waterline’ creates a delicately organic piece of music that is ethereal and dreamy. Created by Cardiff band Inland Murmur, the result is something that captures the essence of vulnerability and, indeed, anxiety that defines our current times. The band says the single was the product of the early part of lockdown and is a reflection on grief and how nature and landscapes helped them cope with the isolation.

The track is defined by crisp jangling guitars and the duel male/female vocals, with a brittle fragile delivery soaked in melancholy, yearning and celestial melodies. Images of rain-soaked wintry countrysides and breathtaking vistas come to mind, with the track like a gently crackling fireplace providing comfort and solace when all around is dark and bleak.

‘Waterline’ is out now and available to stream below:

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