News: The divine French duo Overland Inn sign to False Peak Records, announce new album ‘Proxima’ and release the shimmering single ‘Les Mauvais Jours’

Feature Photograph: Adela Nistora

French duo Overland Inn, purveyors of the sweetest electric dream pop laced with ethereal bubbling textures, have announced their signing to the enigmatic Brisbane label False Peak Records and will be releasing new material soon in the way of an album entitled ‘Proxima’.

Overland Inn have no boundaries, physical or aural. They are now based in Prague having lived and recorded in Portugal and the UK and now have added an Australian label to the mix. Of the forthcoming album ‘Proxima’, their fourth, the band says:

Proxima will be out in January 2022. Just like our songs Alpha or Juno, it is named after a space mission. This is our first album in French, but we wrote it in Czechia, mostly during the pandemics. We have used a variety of birds, frogs and other animal sounds, and played them through granular synthesisers. Computers were almost absent from the creation and mastering process, leaving the analogue synth untamed. The whole album shows mixed emotions, somewhere between nostalgia and acceptance.

To give you an exquisite taste of what’s to come, Overland Inn’s newest single ‘Les Mauvais Jours’ is a shimmering piece of Euro chic, bringing to mind the kind of louche, elegant craft of a Jane Birkin fronted Serge Gainsbourg piece for the modern age – filled with stylistic exotism and atmosphere. Circular, arpeggiated synths and celestial melodies whisper softly with delightful enticement:

What a mutually assured coup for Overland Inn and False Peak Records. ‘Les Mauvais Jours’ is available to stream and download through all the usual places as well as through the link below:

Overland Inn are Etienne (Guitar / Machines) and Chloë (Voice / Keyboards / Machines) who recorded their first album Long Way Home in Portugal in 2010. They went to the UK to record new tracks and compiled them into a second album called Technicolor (2013), before they settled in the Czech Republic and released Between a Dog and a Wolf (2016).

Feature Photograph: Adela Nistora

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