Track: Highschool Jacob – Stacey

Highschool Jacob is actually former Wesleyan music student Jacob Masters, who’s been trading in funky, feel-good songs since 2017. He’s released a new singer ‘Stacey’, and announced “HSJ 2020,” a collection of music and corresponding video games (yes video games) the press elevate claims is ‘highlighting his continued growth as an artist’, but we all know that it’s a case of – who wouldn’t want to release video games if you could, right?

’Stacey’ delves into the 80s to find its roots, sounding like something Orange Juice / Aztec Camera might have paraded out, had they had this juices synth funk bass at their disposal. It’s warm and summery, and the melody hits you straight in the heartstrings, pulling you along with it.

Check it out, here

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